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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Orihuela Council might be going to replace our missing street-name signs.

It could be good news; it seems likely that the Orihuela Council might be going to replace our missing street-name sign.

Following my previous article 'OrihuelaCosta's missing street-name signs' on this weblog, the publication of it in 'The Leader' newspaper, and reference to it in 'ThePost', it seems the influence of modern media and the local printed press has caused a reaction.

Today I received the following email from the Town Hall:

Buenos días Sr. Sampford:

Para poder gestionar adecuadamente su petición de reposición de placas indentificativas de nombre de calle, le solicitamos nos haga llegar su petición a través de la ventanilla de registro, por medio de instancia registrada, a fin de que el Departamento competente realice las actuaciones necesarias para su resolución.

No obstante, reenvío copia del presente para conocimiento del Concejal de Infraestructuras, Pedro Mancebo.

Sin otro particular, reciba Vd. un cordial saludo.”

[My translation is:

Good morning Mr. Sampford:

In order to be able to act appropriately to your request for the replacement of street-name signs, we ask you to send us your request through the registration window, so your application is registered, in order that the responsible department will carry out the necessary actions for a resolution.

However, a copy of this is being forwarded to the Councillor for Infrastructure, Pedro Mancebo for his information.

Without further ado, yours sincerely.]

I wait with interest. Will a new sign be fitted to our royal blue pole, to give it back its purpose in life, or will they remove it instead? I ponder this question because of the comment Graham added to my initial article.

we had 2 installed in Calle Leman. One blue post remains at the bottom of the street but no sign, the other blue post was removed by the Council 12 months,the hole filled in and the signpost has never been replaced.We therefore have no indication as to the location of Calle Leman which is the postal address for 5 communities off Calle Leman. I emailed the Town Hall and was, like you was advised that I had to visit the Town Hall to make an Official Denuncia in Spanish!! That was 6 months ago!! Still no action. Will have to make another visit and try again as emergency services are now having problems finding houses.”

What about the other streets with no names?

Has someone from each street got to travel to the magical window in the Orihuela Costa Town Hall?

Why can't the Town Council administration system accept emails as official documented requests and forward a copy of the email to the respective department? It's not too difficult to click on the forward button.

Why can't the Town Hall have a section on its website for residents to complete and register denuncias on-line? If I can think of the idea why hasn't one of the highly paid Councillors, or Councillor's Advisers, thought of and instigated such a system? Just a thought . . .

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  1. I have visted the Town Hall and made my denuncia to the Mayor in Spanish as directed...but still no response.I gave my addrees, phone number and email details so expect a reply sometime..OR



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