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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Earth has moved twice for me in one day.

It was at 05.19 hrs. early this morning that the first earthquake was felt as a rumble here in Orihuela Costa in the Alicante province of Spain. The epicentre was 4 kilometres below the earth's surface, close to the towns of Rojales and Benijofar, approximately 15 Kilometres North of our home (5 kms. South West of Torrevieja). The tremor was measured at a 2.7 magnitude.

The second tremor today, this time measuring a little stronger at a 3.2 magnitude, was felt at 15.25 hrs. The epicentre was North West of Guardamar del Segura some 20 kilometres North of Orihuela Costa.


  1. 'The earth moved .... '

    I thought you were going to relate something exciting. I think I would have been scared stiff. Was there any damage to the area?

    1. Having checked the local papers they all seem to be reporting no injuries to people or damage to property. In this area, which is one of the more active for earth tremors in Spain, there are dozens recorded each year but luckily the majority are of low magnitude. In some instances they are classed as micro-earthquakes.

      I would have liked to "relate something exciting" - given the chance.


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