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Monday, 16 February 2015

My Photographs for fortnight ending 15 February 2015

I only published photographs on social media on two days during week ending 8 February I decided to make this posting cover two weeks. However, there are 19 images for you to view.

Our squirrel vandal with his ill-gotten gains on the morning of the 5 February.

An unexpected visitor to our garden on the morning of the 8 February: its visit was brief. It is a Black-headed Gull in its 1st-winter plumage.

You will possibly think I have gone mad – perhaps I have.

I've recycled, an old, unused, little shed that sat in a corner of the garden by converting it into a photographer's hide. I've moved it into the shrubbery bed; positioning it close to the crab-apple tree in which the bird feeders are hung. A little bit of camouflage on the roof to help it to blend in, and I will let the japonica and neighbouring shrubs grow a little higher. I've also put a couple of off-cut branches into the ground in front of the viewing window. In the summer these will remain leaf free giving the opportunity for clear views of resting birds – that's the theory.

I hope to be able to show you some better, clearer photographs of my garden visitors in the future.

My first published photograph from my new hide was on the 9 February and was the first that I've shown of a Dunnock. He was on one of the new perches I mentioned I put up. Satisfaction when an idea works out.

A Blue Tit also photographed on the 9 February.

I know a Robin is a clichéd subject for a wildlife photograph but I took it and I like the result.

Peeping from the Forsythia.

I think they (two Blue Tits, a Long-tailed Tit and a House Sparrow) thought I could not see them.

Goldfinches photographed between the 10 and 13 February.

A handsome Blackbird.

Sometimes possibly an arrogant one.

I hope you enjoyed the images.

© Elliot Sampford.

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