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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is C.L.A.R.O. determined to keep the PP in power?

As at today's date the following letter has appeared on the letters to the Editor page in both the Le@der and the CoastRider newspapers, and I would expect that it will be published in the Round Town News on Friday the 20th February.

It needs no additional comment from me.

I publish it here in case anyone has missed reading the letter because of not been able to acquire a copy of the paper.

"Dear Sir,

Claro the expatriate led party without a seat in Orihuela town hall achieves nothing but is often in the news as a result of the efforts of its spokesperson, a chap with a name I can never get my tongue round. He is a dab hand with words, quick to hold a press conference, send out a press release etc for appearances sake.

Independent groups have a poor achievement record but they have their uses. The PP, the governing group in Orihuela must be delighted with the collaboration of Claro. If Claro had not existed the PP would never have been able to have invented such a subservient partner.

The record reveals that in the last the municipal elections Claro split the opposition, kept the PP in power, yet failed to win a single seat. Was that the plan? Without even trying they have given rise to an attitude of them and us. They claim to represent the interests of Orihuela Costa in spite of the fact that in Spain political responsibility is not worked out the British way. In the UK we would work via the existing system so why adopt a different attitude here? Not surprisingly, the PP sits back and benefits from Claro’s mischief. The other opposition parties view Claro with hostility and suspicion.

The governing group, the PP with its overall majority bears the responsibility for the ills which afflict Orihuela. Nevertheless, these days Claro spends its energies attacking the other opposition parties.

Such is its determination to keep the PP in power.

Desmond Baxter"

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