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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Find the cheapest gas stations in Spain.

A new website has been created in order to locate the cheapest gas stations in Spain and become a helpfull tool to tackle the economic crisis and rising fuel prices.

In the last year the price of gasoline has risen 30% and diesel has risen 20%.

The website notes that these large rises in the last year will result in an increse in the cost of filling a 40 litre tank with gasoline of 11 euros or 6 euros for diesel.

To find the cheapest service stations, enter the town you want to look in and the type of fuel for your vehicle in the search bowes and the site tell you where to find the cheapest gas station. Alternatively you can enter a route and search to see where the cheapest gas station in the journey.

Today I've asked for a search in Orihuela Costa for gasoline sin plomo 95 with the result  that the cheapest is Eroski in Punta Prima at 1.098€/ltr and in second place Carrefour at 1.112€/ltr. The most expensive, in 10th place is the Repsol service station in Los Balcones at 1.132€/ltr.

The site lists the service stations and shows their locations on a street map.

Try it and bookmark it .

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