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Friday, 29 June 2012

Hit Amidships.

At approximately noon today, whilst driving in our car to our home, in fact we were less than 200 metres away, we were hit amidships by a careless, and one can assume either blind or had his eyes shut, driver.

We were only travelling in the region of 30 kph as the road is made narrow by the many parked cars along the roadside, as it is a residential area, and one often has to give way to oncoming traffic.

The offending driver was pulling out of a side road to the left of us, from his residential community, something which he obviously does many times, and didn't bother to look both ways. He admitted he had only looked to his left for oncoming traffic his side of the road (Spain: driving on the right) before starting to pull out and hitting us.

He seemed rather anxious to get on his way, initially only giving his name and telephone number, and saying that there was no need for me to call the police after I told him I was calling them and did so. He said he would pay for any repairs and that he had to get somewhere without delay so wasn't going to wait for the police. I said that was his choice but I intended waiting for the 'Policia Local'. He decided that it would be better to stay and wait.

After a reasonable short period of time the police arrived. The other driver confirmed to them that he accepted the blame for the accident. They advised that as there were no personal injuries that it was only necessary to complete a 'Declaracion Amistosa de Accidente' for the insurance companies and this would be the quickest and easiest way to finalise the matter of the repairs to our car. Although they didn't have to they assisted in the completion of the form, including checking of the validity of the driving licence and insurance of the other driver, ensuring that all the relevant details were included. I thanked them for their assistance to me.

Luckily, apart from the fact that were hit by this careless driver, the damage to the vehicle is not so severe as to make our vehicle unusable especially as we are due to make a long journey in it next week. The driver's door panel has been pushed in slightly and the side trim damaged. Having said this is it is something not of our responsibility that we could have done without, even more, especially at this time. I suppose this means a visit to our insurance agent on Monday!

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