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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

'Presidente' to Treasurer.

Following on from my article 'I think 6 years as 'El 'Presidente'' is enough' we held our Community AGM on the 3rd July. When it came to the agenda item of the election of officers of the community I confirmed, that having been the voluntary incumbent of the position of 'Presidente' (Chairman) for the last 6 years, that now is the time for someone else to assume the responsibility and it was not my intention to allow my name to be put forward for consideration of a further term.

There being no immediate nominations put forward a discussion of the two alternative methods of selection under paragraph 13.2 of the 'Law of Horizontal Property' took place. “The Law of Horizontal Property states that a Community of Owners has to have a President. Should there fail to be any nominations for the election, then in accordance with paragraph 13.2 of the said law, the selection of the President shall be appointed from among the owners by rotation of property numbers or random draw”.

Those present did not wish to adopt either of those options for several reasons with two being more important; the first being that the 'Presidente' should be resident in Spain, although not a legal requirement; the second being that a random selection could result in an owner being selected that could not cope with the responsibilities; that could affect the community detrimentally.

During the discussion I felt that, although the owners appreciated my point of view that 6 years, the last without the support of a 'Vicepresidente', in the position was enough, there was pressure for me to retract my decision and continue in the role of chairman. I was not prepared to do this.

In order to reach an amicable solution I agreed not to cut my ties completely from the management team. The result being that two owners volunteered to allowed their names to go forward as 'Presidente' and 'Vicepresidente' providing I would accept nomination as a new position of 'Tesorero'. With some reluctance I agreed.

Our community now has a committee of three including myself, quite an increase from when it was just me on my own. Not the complete result I wanted but I take it as a complement to my past performance. My next task is to train a treasurer to take over from me for future years.

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