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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SabadellCAM bank reacts to my Weblog and Tweets

On Monday the 4th February 2013 I published an article entitled 'Do you wish to be charged in Euros or Sterling?' to this weblog. It is about a fault I discovered with the programming of the SabadellCAM bank's ATM cash dispensers.

As I normally do; I posted a Twitter-tweet with a link to my article as shown below.

I included the Twitter account address of the SabadellCAM bank; knowing that it has a department that monitors tweets that relate to the bank; to hopefully generate a reaction. It worked. Just thirty-one minutes later I received the reply below.
I didn't send a DM (Direct Message) as suggested because all the details are in my previous weblog article. I decided to wait and see what might materialize.

Just under six hours later I received the reply below in which SabadellCAM acknowledged that there is in fact a problem as I suggested.
Today at 10:44 I sent the bank the following tweet.
As I said the bank constantly monitors Twitter-tweets: just twenty-four minutes later I receive the following request.
As can be seen in the next episode, on this occasion I did DM the bank with my telephone number.
I received a telephone call from TM (Tony) and we discussed the problem. The précis of the situation, as I understand it, is that the bank accepts that there currently is a fault and that it has existed since, on-or-about, the 8th December 2012 when the Sabadell and the CAM banks computer systems were amalgamated. The bank was not aware of the problem until this time, only having it drawn to its attention by my weblog article. It was suggested that the problem would be resolved within approximately seven to ten days. I pointed out that there should be no delay for a solution to be initiated as during any delay customers would continue to suffer financial penalties not of their own making.

Subsequent to the telephone call, I received the following tweet from SabadellCAM. The fault is to be fixed tomorrow, Wednesday 6th February 2013.
It is a satisfactory rapid conclusion to a situation that should not have been allowed to have happen. The SabadellCAM bank I suggest needs to investigate as to why such an error, which financially penalised users of the bank's ATM machines, was not picked up by a pre-launch system audit and continued undetected for almost two months.

On the personal aspect, I am pleased with the conclusion for two reasons. First it proves that it wasn't an error on my part by misreading the options and I was right to report and pursue the matter. Second it shows again the power of modern internet social media; in this case my weblog and Twitter-tweets; to effect beneficial reactions.

Edit 12.02.2013: The Coastrider newspaper published the following article this week:  Local expat blogger gets national ATM problem fixed

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