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Monday, 13 May 2013

Jack Sparrow's Courtship

Jack (The Lad) Sparrow had been trying to impress some of the young ladies in his local area as he felt the time was right to find his own princess, and wife.

As the sun rose in the sky that morning he decided it was time to get himself spruced up as it was the day to perform his perfected chat-up song and dance routine.

Kate sat for a short while watching Jack getting ready for the day, before flying away as the need for breakfast was more important. Once Jack was satisfied his appearance would be irresistible he chose the best position to be poseur.

Kate returned later, her hunger vanquished, to let Jack try and impress her with his showman's act. He didn't appear to be getting on to well as she showed the first signs of her dis-satisfaction when she grabbed hold of his tail feathers and tugged them, making Jack fall off stage right. He quickly recomposed himself on stage left and continued with his routine. Kate was still not impressed. She flew away leaving Jack alone and perplexed by his failure to pull the bird that day.


  1. That was quite delightful. It's a hard job pleasing females... smiles.

    It is quite a number of years since we saw sparrows in the garden, now I know where they went.

    1. Thanks for popping by.

      Jack is too young to have started to truly learn the intricacies of what pleases the ladies. Hopefully maturity will bring him some degree of success in understanding a little of the female mindset. Us very mature males continue trying but with diminishing success.

      We still like a challenge though!..... (chuckle to myself)


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