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Monday, 30 December 2013

Greedy Private Landlords.

My Wife and I own houses that we offer for rental. Because of this, we are classed by many of those who consider themselves, in various degrees, as socialists, as 'greedy private landlords'.

All too often, possibly every time, when the question of tenancy of rented housing is discussed, or written about, the cliché 'greedy private landlords' will be quoted.

Why are we labelled as being 'greedy' – by people who know nothing about us – because we invested our hard earned and saved; by forgoing purchasing unnecessary luxuries; money into property that we rent-out for our pension income?

If we had used our money to purchase an annuity to provide us with a retirement income, and in turn given an assurance company profit, would we be considered as greedy?

If we only receive our state pension, because we didn't plan for additional private revenue, and have to claim pension credits and other social benefit payments, paid for by other people's taxes, so we can survive, would we be considered 'greedy'?

Are there different classifications of private-landlords or are we all just one group of greedy investors in property?

What about people who invest in buying their own home, with the hopes that it will increase in value, so that they can sell it at a profit when they downsize, after the family has left, and supplement their pension: are private-home investors greedy?

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  1. My stepdaughter has a house here and a family home in Australia. The English property is available to her when she visits the UK and thereafter it is on the market as a holiday let. She certainly isn't greedy, just wise. Wishing you and yoru family a happy new year.

    1. All the best to you and Joe for the future.


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