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Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Daily Photographs for week ending 11 January 2014

Three weeks ago I showed you my first try at Lincoln Cathedral at night. This is my second attempt taken four days later. It was shot earlier in the evening, giving me a better sky colour and more detail.

Fruit and Nuts - Its own form of muesli.

Table for Two.

A pair of geese that were on the River Witham at the old Fiskerton Ferry crossing point, near Lincoln, on the 7 January. I particularly like the reflections of the birds and ripples in the dark green murky water. I have not been able to ascertain, yet, what type of geese they are – perhaps someone can tell me.

We suspected that we might have more than one squirrel eating in our garden: as of yesterday we now know we have at least two squirrels using our wildlife restaurant.

Another trial with macro-photography. What is it: any guesses? Please leave your answer as a comment.

These two boffer-boys were moving in to intimidate a pair of swans eating close by to move on. The bullies succeeded. The bow wave is a sign they weren't out for a leisurely glide.

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 © Elliot Sampford

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