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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Five Peacock Butterflies in my Photography Hide.

I've posted these images not because they are of a particularly interesting subject – although to an entomologist they might be – but to show an experiment I tried.

I entered my garden hide this morning, and discovered these five 'Peacock Butterflies' tucked under a ledge.

As there isn't much room inside I changed the lens to my Canon 18-55mm as I couldn't get a focus with the 55-250mm. All the images were taken in shutter priority with the Canon 70D choosing the f/ and ISO.

Image 1 was taken with the on-camera flash – only one I have – and was at 1/250 sec, f/3.5, ISO Auto (@400). The lens was at 18mm as I couldn't seem to get focus at any other focal length.

For image 2 I put a 13mm extension tube – which I'd recently purchased – onto the 18-55 to see if I could get more detail. Again the shot was taken with the on-camera flash and was at 1/250 sec, f/5.0, ISO Auto (@400). The lens was at 40mm.

As I didn't like the shadows caused by the flash I tried a long exposure time. Image 3 was taken at 15.0 secs, f/11, ISO Auto (@100) and the lens at 48mm. By now there were only four 'Peacocks' as one had warmed-up and flown.

Image 4 was taken from a slightly different angle at 5.0 secs, f/5.0, ISO Auto (@125) and the lens at 46mm.

By now all but one 'Peacock' had warmed up and flown. As an aside, I could see each butterfly start to quiver shortly before it took flight.

© Elliot Sampford

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