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Monday, 16 May 2011

Narcissistic or Sycophantic?

The Leader newspaper, here on the Costa Blanca, published this week, includes the following article:

Making Indiviuals Matter.

When party politics take over the news, it´s often a time we forget the individuals. Individuals like Stefan Pokroppa, who has served out community for 4 years now, being the single point of liaison between the international community and the Orihuela council.

Having been instrumental in arranging many events for local people, as well as helping lots of individual cases where people have sought help, sometimes desperate, Stefan has always been there, often without credit and never seeking praise, just a man, doing his best, for the sake of everyone he comes across.

Not forgetting that Stefan is in fact German, capable of speaking numerous languages, it is no mean feat what he has achieved. So, as well as thinking party politics, let us also remember that behind every political group are individuals like Stefan, without doubt, one of the most instrumental figures of the PP on the Orihuela Costa.

Once I stopped laughing; I wondered who wrote this. I know it is accredited to Mark Nolan but I have to wonder if in fact it is a case of narcissistic creative writing by Stefan P issued as a press release! If this is not the case, and was originated by Mark N, then, it seems to me to be a sycophantic semi-fictional synopsis.

Let us not forget that Stefan Pokroppa has been doing such a wonderful job in his very well paid position, appointed on the personal whim of the PP Mayoress, Monica Lorente, and paid for from Council funds; that she felt the need to create a new appointment of a press officer, Louise Clarke, in the Orihuela Costa Town Hall to inform the residents about the PP. It seems to me that the Mayoress didn´t think Stefan was, and isn´t, very good at liaising with the international community of Orihuela Costa.

There isn´t any mention in the article that having first been included in the PP electoral list as a potential for Councillor, after the May 22nd elections, he was ommitted from the final list. It seems the PP don´t think he has done such a wonderful job. Surely the PP would think that such a fantastic person as he would be ideal for the potential role of Councillor for Orihuela Costa; as he is so liked by the international community for the work he (hasn´t) done. It is a pity for him that the majority of the community are not aware of their admiration for him.

I wonder if the article might not be a premonition of an obituary for his career with the PP after May 22nd.

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2011

    This guy being an asset to the OC for the foreigners and the PP?????
    I have read an "obituary" about him about two years ago, wherein is explained , where he was born and studied and also being married??
    I did not believe all this, and started to check out (as an example) that he spent a year, as a student on the American university of Massachusetts! My daughter-in-law (an american), had for me check this out, based on the data provided in that news paper article two years ago. And quess what???....This university is one of the biggest ones in the USA, and also has TWO enormous campasous, but he was not registered in either one of them. Apart from the fact that one can only stay in the USA for a max. of 3 month at a time!!, So a whole year is totally impossible! Therefore this a a grand lie! Same as what he does to the foreigners in the OC, municipality! He promises, but nothing ever happens (unless it are his "personal"friends!!) I had a couple of times äccidents with him, with zilch results....but that is an other story!!
    As far as I and many other people (who I know) are concerned he is just a "hoghstapler", only interrested in himself, and doesn't care about anyone else!! So no wonder he is slowly being dropped by M.Lorente, who herself is being investigated for fraud etc etc!
    Anycase, the person who so highly speaks of him, must be either totally blind or has been "bought"!!


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