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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sweet Dreams we hope.

After seeing and cheering on Matt Baker on Wednesday it was time to move on into Lincoln.

Our two main tasks for the day were to purchase a UK mobile telephone and a double bed for the house.

For the past few days we have had to rely on using our Spanish phone but this is expensive for both making and receiving calls for us, and for our UK contacts. The array of handsets and tariffs is totally confusing! Much to the shop assistant's disappointment we only wanted a handset that makes and receives calls and texts, and on a PAYG basis. Despite his strenuous efforts that is all we purchased.

Out of the telephone shop and straight into the bed shop. We needed a lay down, the telephone encyclopedia had worn us out.

No sooner had we walked into the store, after being allowed in by what must be the slowest automatic opening door, than the voice behind us said, “How can we help you today”. The implication by this that we are regular purchasers of beds from this establishment.

We informed the very eager salesman of our needs to purchase a standard double divan bed with mattress and headboard, and that delivery has to be made in two weeks time. Not too much to ask for we thought!

“Delivery is normally at least three to four weeks on most mattresses” he informed us.

Not to be deterred we moved further into the shop. His next move was to suggest that what we needed was a king size double, “that is the popular size at the moment”, with a television that pops up out of the foot of the bed. We kept on the move through the displays asking questions about the type of bed we really wanted. Natalie and I were leaping on and off beds, faster than a honeymoon couple, I can remember that far back, testing bounce, comfort, and roll over qualities of the various mattresses. As time went on it seemed that some of those that we preferred were possibly available within our delivery time period as they were usually stock items in the central warehouse. If they were not the salesman's bonus would slip from his grasp.

An hour and a quarter had slept by and at last we had made our selection and were prepared to part with money, subject to a delivery on time. On receiving the assurance we wanted, and of course some discount, we placed the order and hit the plastic again.

We are looking forward to sweet Dreams!

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