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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Our Complicated Consumer Minds!

As retail consumers it seems we are a very complicated lot according to three articles which recently appear in .

In the first; Why does stating your intention lead you to purchase your favorite brand?, it says that if we say we are going to buy something, we are more likely to do it. But why is that? According to a new study, stating an intention leads consumers to action -- and makes us more likely to purchase our preferred brands.

The theme of preferred brands is picked up on in the second article; Do consumers prefer brands that appear on their Facebook pages? which states that we are likely to identify with a brand that advertises alongside our personal information on a Facebook page (especially if you have high self-esteem), according to a new study. The same ad will have less impact if you view it on a stranger's page.

However there is a problem which is highlighted in the third article; Holiday shopping: Why does rubbing elbows turn consumers off?. Although holiday sales and events try to drive as many of us customers to retail stores as possible, a new study shows that the crowding may drive them away as well. The issue arises when crowding results in people actually touching one another. It seems that if another shopper brushes against us whilst we are looking at possible purchases we are liable to leave the shop with an adverse view of both the premises and the product.

Are we really like this?

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