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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Can CLARO supporters be cured by Therapy?

Both in the United Kingdom and in Spain recently there have been reports of Catholic religious clerics, and devout followers of the church's teaching, who believe, the nonsense theory, that homosexuals can be cured of their sexual orientations by therapy!

In Spain, although it is denied by the government in the pretence of being a secularist society, there is a very strong link between the Roman Catholic church's utterances and government policy.

A source, thought to be close to the Orihuela government, has let it be known, although I have not been able to verify the validity, that the Town Council is to take the principle of therapy as a cure for orientations that deviate from, what is considered as, the norm a step further.

At the next Pleno the governing tripartite team intend to present a motion to invest some money into the Orihuela Costa area. A sum of 250,000 Euros is to included in the budget for 2012 for the setting up of a new psychiatric clinic.

It is to be modelled on similar principles of rehabilitation clinics, such as The Priory and the Betty Ford Clinic, which deal with drug and alcohol dependency, and depression. However it's aims will be to re-educate United Kingdom Ex-pats who have shown, and continue to show, an unhealthy dependence on the political teachings of the CLARO party and its leading guru.

The government believes that such a dependency is both unhealthy for the individuals affected by it, but also for the remaining 'normal' majority of the residents of the town. With the exclusion of the party's guru from the governing team it is felt that its dependent supporters will develop an even stronger feeling of isolation, rejection, invisibility to the rest of the local society, and depression. This view is supported by research into the behaviour of members of other extreme sects throughout the western world.

The proposal is that in the first instance the therapy sessions will offered 'free of charge' to volunteers from the CLARO UK Ex-pat supporters group. In order to get the sessions running without any unnecessary delay initially they will be held at the Pizzeria Asturias Restaurant, Punta Prima, in Orihuela Costa. It is felt that those needing the therapy will find this less stressful as they will feel they are on home turf. At a later date a bespoke building will be rented until the epidemic has been defeated and the 'Norm' has been re-established.

Should insufficient numbers take up this offer of their own accord; the Town Council are also looking at proposals that attendance on a course of treatment will be made compulsory as a criteria for being included on the town's 'Padron' (Register of Residents). Only those UK Ex-pats holding the certificate issued on successful completion of the course of therapy will be included on the register, and subsequently on the electoral role. Those wishing to claim an exemption from the psychiatric re-education will have to provide proof of membership of a legitimate Spanish political party.

Various titles for the clinic will be discussed when the motion is presented to the Town Council but it is thought that the most obvious name for consideration will be the 'Pedro Mancebo Clinic', although the 'Bob Houliston Clinic' and the 'Together We Can Clinic' are in the running.

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