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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kindle Touch cheaper from

I ordered my Kindle Touch 3G on the website and for this order selected my Spanish address for delivery rather than my UK address this time. I was therefore advised that it was necessary for me to be diverted to for this order.

Dam I thought, that's inconvenient and as electrical goods and computers are, from my experience, generally more expensive in Spain.

However I am very pleased to say that I was proved wrong. The Kindle Touch is cheaper in Spain than in the UK. I know there are complaints that the Touch is more expensive in Europe than America but that's another argument. On website the price of the Kindle is £169.00, and the cost of the cover is £30.99. On the .es site the prices are €189.00 and €34.99. These seem to be at a £1 : €1.12 conversion rate. If my memory is right the last time we saw this rate was in May 2011. Now I know there has been a continued increase in the average exchange rate since then, but is it not a little strange that Amazon are pricing a product with a launch date of 27th April 2012 and using such a low conversation rate? Having said this I'm certainly happy that they have done so because the exchange rate on my UK sterling credit card when they charged for the order was £ : €1.2197. this meant I gained a saving of £16.35 on the UK price. Thank you Amazon.

Since starting to think about this article I must also thank them again for an excellent delivery of my order. It arrived today; one day before they said in their emailed confirmation of my order, two days before the official launch date of the Kindle Touch range in Europe.

Now I have to learn how to use it properly to get all the benefits of its facilities.

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