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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Who needs safety equipment

During the last ten days, here in the Costa Blanca, and many other regions of Spain, we have experienced many extended times of very fast, strong, property damaging winds of between 70 km/h and 115 km/h.

It was during the morning of Saturday 19th January that three of the roof ridge tiles on our highest roof were picked up by the wind and thrown into the adjoining community swimming pool area. There wasn't any danger at the time to any of our neighbours as none of them are daft enough to be swimming in the near freezing water.

I initiated a claim with our property insurance company three days later on the Tuesday morning. If you read my article 'Three hours delay' you'll understand why I didn't have time to report it on the Monday. The insurance surveyor visited us on Wednesday; during another period of forceful winds; took a couple of photographs and agreed the claim.

Yesterday morning, as arranged previously, the insurance company's builders arrived to replace the missing tiles. They couldn't carry out the work for three reasons. Firstly, they had brought sapphire ridge tiles and ours are emerald; secondly, the brutish winds had increased the total number of missing tiles to four and they only had three; thirdly, another period of strong winds meant it was too dangerous for the safety conscious Spanish worker to be on the roof.

Today we have a cloudless azure sky, radiant sunshine and calm air.

The builders returned with the correct number and colour of roof tiles. Within an hour their work was completed. The new tiles were installed, loose tiles were rebedded on new cement.

Ridge tiles were missing from the rear right corner of the emerald roof

Considering that the roof on which the repair was carried out on is three storeys high, approximately 15 metres above ground level it was assuring to see that full safety precautions were paramount in the Spanish workman's mind. Who needs safety equipment, when your working on the edge of a sheer drop?
Who needs a safety harness?


  1. Hope all works out for the best. Neat post, cool blog:)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your positive comment.

  2. You want to see it here in Thailand...many time worse than in Spain...even use wooden absail to paint 20 story buildings with no harness


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