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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Moronic Householder leaves Brains by Rubbish Bin.

The title may seem somewhat harsh but I believe it is the reality of the situation.

For those not familiar with the rubbish collection system in Spain, the large grey rubbish bin is situated in the street for use of the local residents to dispose of their day to day household waste. It is not intended for recyclable items, garden waste, old furniture, building rubble and other non-normal household waste. In our town, each evening, subject to the whim of the council or it's cleaning contractor, the bin is emptied by the use of a semi automated single manned 'skip' lorry. It is well known amongst householders that what is in the bin may be collected, but what is not is left where it is.

From the two photographs below it can be seen that either side close by, within 25 metres ( metric measurement you'll note), to the grey bin are areas of open ground where the stones could have been neatly disposed of.

But that would have been too easy for the moronic householder. Instead the person takes the heavy bucket and black plastic bag of stones to the bin where they will stay, for many days, until someone else decides to clear them away. Chances are it will probably be me! OK the stones shouldn't be put in the bin but as least that would have been better than leaving them where they are. Now either, the person is too stupid to think of that, or not strong enough to lift the bucket and bag in entirety into the bin and too stupid to think of putting a few stones in at a time.

Now I'm not adverse to criticising the council when they fail to clear away the rubbish properly, but at the least the householders could help by not filling the streets with non-collectable rubbish. This might be just one incident but it is symptomatic of the attitude of a lot of property owners; get rid of the rubbish from my property and don't give a damn what happens when its been dumped in the street. Out of personal sight out of mind.

Yes I know I'm becoming a 'Grumpy Old Man', it's my right at my age, but at least that's got if off my chest. Perhaps just perhaps the moron might read this, if I tell enough local people this post is here, and have a change of heart, or perhaps it might make other residents think twice about where they put their rubbish.


  1. Yes, it gets sillier every day.On calle Tiberiades there is a big container meant for garden rubbish. What is inside? Household rubbish!! And on the ground next to the bin?? Garden rubbish. The mind boggles. Keep up the blog Elliott !!

  2. Comment received via Facebook:
    I so agree with you Elliot we are so lucky here in Spain that our household rubbish is taken away every night yet some people are so lazy that they leave all kinds of rubbish by the side of the bin.Babies nappies are the worst. Every day I, because I am a president who takes the role seriously and a couple of my good neighbours clear away this rubbish. We care about where we live I wish everyone did. A.L.B.

  3. Comment received by Email:
    The thoughtless people who do these things leave me speechless. B.D.

  4. Thank you for the supportive comments.

  5. The Leader newspaper in the Costa Blanca has paid a compliment by printing this article in its Novemeber 8th edition.


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