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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Orihuela Costa has many Landfill and Compost Heap Sites - THE STREETS!

The junction of Calle Ontario and Calle  Baikal Orihuela Costa.

The Orihuela Town Council continues with its policy of using the streets of Orihuela Costa as Landfill and Compost Heap sites.

The pile of rubbish in the photograph at the junction of Calle Ontario and Calle Baikal was first deposited at least three weeks and has continued to grow on a daily basis. This is not a unique problem to this location but one that is repeated throughout Orihuela Costa. I mention this mountain of garbage because it is directly in front of my house. One hundred metres further along C/ Ontario is another heap of an equal size.

This situation is allowed to develop and continue as a direct result of the incompetence of, and neglect by, the Town Council. The problem of the collection of dumped rubbish in the streets has been like a perennial festering wound which has failed to be cured by current and past government teams.

You can see in the photograph a container for the depositing of household rubbish, that is emptied every night, to the left of the waste. To the right a skip is visible that is meant for garden rubbish with the contents being collected twice a week. So nine times a week a Council refuse lorry stops and empties these bins, and the ones further along both streets. That’s at least twenty-nine times in the period the rubbish has been laying in the road. But, the landfill-compost monstrosities in the streets are ignored. An indication of the contempt the Council has for the householders of Orihuela Costa and the environment we live in.

The Mayor, Monserrate Guillén, – who was quick to criticise the ruling Council for the same problem when he was in opposition – and the Councillor for Orihuela Costa, Martina Scheurer, who are both members of the Green Party (Los Verdes) – the party that's supposed to care about the environment – should be ashamed of their failure to rectify the current appalling situation.

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