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Monday, 25 November 2013

Royal Army Pay Corps, Worthy Down, Winchester.

I'm seated on the left of the front-row, who are the others?

I've been going through some items of my memorabilia – photographs and documents – and scanning it onto my computer. It's amazing what we put to the back of our minds until we see a visual reminder.

On the 25th October 1967 I enlisted for six years in the Royal Army Pay Corps. My basic military and then trade training was completed at the RAPC Training Centre, Worthy Down Camp, Winchester.

The photograph is of the squad I was in until we split-up to go to our individual regimental attachment postings. In July 1968 I was posted to attachment with the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards in Detmold, Germany.

I've been trying to remember the names of my fellow recruits. I'm sitting on the left in the front-row. I think three of the back-row starting from the left to the centre are Terry Reid (possibly Trevor), Peter Craven and Dave Lowe in the centre. Our training platoon sergeant is middle front-row.

Are you dear reader in the photograph? Even if you're not but were in the RAPC, can you help me to put names to faces? Did you work alongside any of them in either a regiment or a central pay office? If you were in the Army from 1967 onwards do you recognise any of them as being your regimental pay clerk?

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