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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Photograph Gallery for week ending 22 November 2015.

This Sparrowhawk tried to get a finch or sparrow snack from our garden. Unfortunately there is a small bokeh effect on its body, due to a branch of our crab-apple tree getting in the way, but I think the eye focus is acceptable.

Ladder of Success.

About twelve days ago I published a photograph of a Brambling in my garden and said “this is possibly the last image I will take of one; for some time” – I was wrong!
On the morning of the 18 November this beauty visited us for about four minutes.

  'Another Step' — Ladder of Success 2.

'Triumphant Step' — Ladder of Success 3.
[Hand on heart all safety instructions were followed: no squirrel was put at risk.]

If it is Saturday it must be Pasodoble time – strictly should it be Paso Doble. If he saw it, Len would love the swirling cape-work.

'Blue Sky [in your eye]'

"Oh no, not another Grey Squirrel one" the viewers sigh.

© Elliot Sampford.

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