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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Photograph Gallery for December 2015

December 2015 has been a quiet month for me on the photography side of my life.

'Watching the Watcher' [Koala – aka Squirrel III.]

Rather than just publish this image I thought I'd tell you the story behind it.

It was nearly 14:22 hrs. and we had just finished our lunch. I was feeling frustrated and down as I'd had to waste valuable photography time today; during a bright, sunny morning; to take my car to the service garage. When I returned home there was very little activity from the birds or squirrels in my garden as they had already been for their brunch. I hadn't taken any worthwhile photographs up to this point in time and the quality of the light was failing fast as the sky filled with dark clouds.
I got up from the dining table and looked into the garden.

Everything suddenly changed when I saw this male Sparrowhawk perched amongst the nut and seed feeders hanging in our crab-apple tree. The hawk intended to interpret a different meaning to the term 'bird feeders': they are there for the birds to feed from but he intended for birds to be feed from them.

A quick dash upstairs to get the Canon and a few shots were fired off through the kitchen double glazed French-door glass before the hawk left as suddenly as it came.

Frustration had been replaced by excitement and satisfaction as you can probably tell from this ramble by me. It turned out to be a good photography day after all: it's good to be a photographer.

PS. ISO and therefore image noise was too high because of the poor light but who cares I got him.

 'Dunnocks are not Dull'.

'Lapping Ripples' by G Squirrel.

Blue Fairy at the bottom of my garden.

A 22 K bird which, with its many friends, brings a golden glow to any garden on a dull winter's day.

© Elliot Sampford

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