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Monday, 18 May 2009

Were CLARO rattled by J Longman's Cala Mosca Letter ?

In March I posted an article entitled What's the true reason behind the CLARO 'Save Cala Mosca' camapaign following the receipt of a letter from a James Longman of Orihuela Costa, and followed this up with The Le@der publishes 'Save Cala Mosca' letter .

Today I along with representatives of the PSOE and PP as fellow addresses, received an email from James Longman informing us that the Leader newspaper had published the following letter from him under the title of Cala Mosca Row .

"WOOOOOOW - I seemed to have rattled CLARO over my views about the value of and the real reason for their 'Save Cala Mosca' campaign to such an extent that I get a mention in their latest newsletter.

"We will not be deterred by the criticism and scepticism expressed recently in letters to the Editors of local newspapers from those from other parties, apparently the Greens and the Socialist party, who would have us give up the fight to save Cala Mosca. Here is an extract from a letter by our Executive Committee colleague Jimmy Badal defending C.L.A.R.O’s standpoint.


“After reviewing the difficulties in saving Cala Mosca, Mr. Longman comes to the conclusion that it cannot be done and states that C.L.A.R.O. must agree. WE DO NOT AGREE and are not going to be content with doing nothing. I am happy to say that over 3,000 (NOW 4,000) people who have so far signed C.L.A.R.O’s petition obviously do not agree either. There are possibilities of saving this last green area on Orihuela Costa and we will, and are, exploring them all. It is late but it is not too late to do something."

Unfortunately I haven't been able to read the full text of his letter and reply to it.

If I am so far off the mark - why did Jimmy Badal bother to reply, via the Le@der newspaper, to counteract my views? Why not ignore them as the ramblings of an individual.

Surely the general public wouldn't consider the views of one individual above that of such an illustrious and auspicious party as CLARO!

Perhaps there is an element of truth in what I said that worries the leaders of CLARO.

Let me 'claro-fy' that the views expressed were personal and not on behalf of any political party, either PP, PSOE, the Greens, or others that are not known to me.

Come on CLARO tell us what these "possibilities of saving" Cala Mosca are, don't keep them a secret, or haven't you thought of them yet!

It is too late to still be thinking about them and exploring them. You have already started the campaign and leading people to believe you have the solution. Your are in my opinion still misleading the people again.

(Why didn't J Badal make reference to the PP "from other parties, apparently the Greens and the Socialist party, who would have us give up the fight to save Cala Mosca." in this quote."

He said in the email "
It will be interesting to see what response, if any at all, there is from either Bob Houliston, Jimmy Badal, Norah Bond (coordinator of the campaign) or any other member of CLARO's executive committee.

Perhaps the public might get some truth as to what the "possibilities of saving this last green area on Orihuela Costa and we will, and are, exploring them all." are!"

He further added, "You might also be interested in looking at the Weblog ."

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