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Friday, 10 July 2009

"If you want to find a solution, you need Los Verdes" !!!

In my article Los Verdes should read what I've actually written I made the comment that "as at 13.30hrs 3rd July 2009 Mr Wally Stewartson, Chairman of the Community of Owners R6B, confirmed that he still has not received any communication from Los Verdes about the recycling collection depot since the meeting on the 4th May 2009.

This situation changed when on the 5th July 2009 he received an email (quoted in green) from Mr & Mrs Perret the Orihuela Costa Working Group of Los Verdes. A two months delay after the only meeting they have had with the residents.

"Hola Wally, Please find enclosed the Los Verdes press release about the Council Plenary meeting on th 30th of June 2009

In the press release Los Verdes state that "On the 27th of May, the responsible Councillor, Mr. Abadía, undertook to hold an informative meeting regarding the illegal transfer plant of rubbish and the Eco-park, with those affected residents, allowing a period of fifteen days to elaborate on the project that will be presented to those affected." It is worth noting that this alleged meeting was reported to me by my erstwhile Los Verdes colleagues as having been discussed during a telephone conversation on that day between Los Verdes Councillor Monserrate Guillén and PP Councillor Abadía. As I understand it there was no written confirmation given by Clr Abadía to Los Verdes of a proposed meeting.

Is it just a wishful aspiration of Los Verdes or will it become a reality?

"The ruling PP, with the company of rubbish collection, has not yet prepared the project for the meeting with the affected residents. After rumours from the Townhall, the PP is not in a hurry to take a decision about this matter."

On the 4th May 2009 Los Verdes told the residents of Entre Golf that a decision had been made.

"NEVER EVER Los Verdes have accepted the possibility to put an ILLEGAL TRANSFER PLANT OF RUBBISH (PLANTA DE TRANSFERENCIA) nor that trucks with rubbish are allowed to enter in the area, nor are they going to allow it; and you know it, because we informed about it in our last meeting on the 4th of May 2009."

This clearly indicates naivety on the part of Los Verdes. Their experience of the workings of the PP government in Orihuela has shown them time and time again that the PP are capable of anything.

"Please contact with us if you want the brand-new information from the Townhall (and not unchecked information from anywhere)".

Shouldn't it be the responsibility of Los Verdes to report back to the residents? Certainly they (residents and property owners) don't want "unchecked information from anywhere" such as they received from Los Verdes on the 4th May!

"Don't forget that PSOE, Centro Liberal Renovador or CLARO never bothered about this matter and if you want to find a solution, you need Los Verdes who are inside the Townhall".

The PSOE party has 7 Councillors on the Town Council, the CLR has 1, CLARO has none, and LV have 3. The PSOE and CLR are "inside the Townhall".

So only Los Verdes can find a solution, is that true? Delusions of grandeur by Los Verdes or arrogance?

"We don't have your telefon number. If you want to contact us, please call : 686 717273 Los Verdes in Orihuela Costa".

Mr & Mrs Perret know where Mr Stewartson lives, having been to his home on the 4th May, so wouldn't it be courteous of them to visit him at his home? Or are they too embarrassed as a result of the unfounded assurances they gave during the meeting on the 4th May and their actions, or should I say lack of, since then?

"Best regards, ............, Working Group in Orihuela Costa"

It doesn't seem to me that Los Verdes have had the "Best regards" for the residents up to this date!
  • No consultation with the residents before submitting the Los Verdes proposal.
  • Misleading the residents at the meeting on the 4th May 2009 with unconfirmed assurances reportedly of decisions made by the PP government.
  • No contact between the 4th May and the 5th July to update the residentes with current information of changing situations.
  • No mention in the email of the 5th July to say they are sorry to tell the residentes that the information they gave during the one and only meeting with them was unconfirmed and now looks almost certainly to be incorrect.
If the residents of the area hope to find as best a solution as possible to the problem, of the location of the recycling collection depot and the rubbish transfer dump, I believe they should look for help, as they currently are, from other sources and political parties as alternatives to, or additions to (which LV could have no objection to), Los Verdes.

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