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Monday, 20 December 2010

23 Municipalities in the Alicante region under investigation linked to Corruption

Corruption plagues the local governments within the Alicante region of Spain according to an article in the El País newspaper.

A total of 23 of the 141 municipalities of the province are involved in criminal justice investigation through illegal activities of its political leaders, linked primarily to the business of waste and urban planning. The bulk of crimes are in relation to alleged bribes by businessmen to public officers in exchange for contracts, and illegal use of land, mostly for illegal construction on rural land and unlicensed development. Of the 23 municipalities, 18 are in the hands of the Partido Popular party. The remaining 5 are governed by the PSPV.

In the case of Orihuela the municipality in which I live, which is currently and has been for the past 20 plus years subject to a Partido Popular controlled council there are two major cases before the courts. The first, the spearhead of municipal corruption rampant in Alicante towns, dating from 2006, known as the 'caso Orihuela' is for alleged crimes related to urban planning and illegal financial awards. The second is at the epicenter of Brugal case: the award of the contract for municipal waste, including the alleged crimes of bribery, fraud and influence peddling. The main defendants are the PP Mayor, Monica Lorente, and three of her councillors.

Corruption in local government is of no surprise whatsoever to the residents within not only Orihuela, the Alicante Province, or the Valencia Region, all controlled by the PP.

Read the full El País article here: La gestión de 23 Ayuntamientos de Alicante, bajo la lupa de los jueces · ELPAÍ

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  1. It isn't funny anymore!!!
    Is this because she is buying-out opponents, or is this just a continuation of practices I haven't been aware of before??
    I, among other residents living around my neighbourhood are "extremely (word substitution by Elliot) scared" about the next years election, in case the PP gets back into power! Lets get on the "Election-list" and get this bunch out!!!! We have another 7 days to get us on the voters have a VOTE and a CHOICE!!!!


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