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Saturday, 30 July 2011

CoLJ 8 - Cup of Coffee

We have been in the UK for one week and have tried to purchase a decent cup of white coffee on several occasions without success! We have tried in coffee shops, cafés and public houses.

Vector cup of coffee
The first problem we experienced is that we seem to speak a different language to the local restaurateurs. They do not seem to understand what a cup is. It is not a half litre mug, it is not a small gazunder, it is not a small pottery flower vase with a handle, or a paper popcorn bucket for one with a plastic lid and a straw. A cup, to us, is usually a small crockery drinking vessel that holds approximately 250 ml of liquid and is generally found with a saucer as a partner.

The second problem is the quality of the coffee supplied. We do not want a teaspoon of the cheapest Colombian instant freeze dried coffee dissolved in tepid water, or even worse powdered coffee, with added cold or lukewarm milk, that is beginning its metamorphosis into cheese. What we want is reasonable quality fresh ground coffee brewed fresh when we order it with hot fresh milk added. It doesn't have to be made from Jamaica Blue Mountain beans, a good quality arabica bean will suffice. What is the point of establishments making a show of having a Gaggia or Brasilia or similar coffee maker if they don't know how to use it properly?

The third problem is the extortionate price we are asked to pay and the lack of value for money. We do not want to have to have a mortgage to pay for a cup of substandard coffee. In fact we probably wouldn't get one as financial lenders will not lend for something of non-standard construction!

Our search goes on.

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