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Monday, 17 January 2011

Louise Clarke is disgusted at some claims about her new Press Officer Job

Further to my article in December 2010 about the appointment of Louise Clarke to the position of Press Officer, for Monica Lorente the Mayor of the Orihuela, within the town hall located in the Orihuela Costa area of the municipality, 'The Leader' newspaper today publishes an article entitled A Voice for the People about her new role.

Reference is made in the article to my comments on this blog about Louise Clarke's move from 'Poacher' to 'Game Keeper' for better money. She is reported as saying that “My main concern is the welfare of the residents.” really that's not what she told me when I spoke to her about the new role. The main concern was the substantial increase she would be receiving in her income.

In the article in the 'Leader 'reference is made to the point that "Louise is disgusted at some claims that she has only been given the role to silence her and to remove a thorn in Monica Lorente’s side".    Oh dear!

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  1. I would like to add that in the same article our "inbetween/translator for the foreign residents (STEFAN), also has been mentioned that he is now only available for foreign residents only two days a week, and on top of that "by appointment" only??? If Luise is now being available every day of the week "with a office in the municipality-building", then what the hell is Stefan still doing there??
    I rather put my problems across to Luise then to the "hogh-stapler" Stefan, as he in the last 4 years hasn't performed any of his assigned duties, and therefore should be released of his job by Monika Lorenzo (if she dares?). Also I find it very strange that Luise in the article only mentiones "British residents", but no mention about all the German, Skandinavian, Dutch, Irish or any other nationality???
    I can understand that Luise is interrested in the higher salary she is now receiving (for her family's sake), but when she says that she is going to be able to change the PP-attitude from"within" then she will be hitting her head against a solid "Franco-Wall"!!!


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