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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Spain's Anti-Smoking Law Effective from Today

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As of today (2nd January 2011) the new law banning smoking of tobacco in all enclosed public spaces and some outdoor places, such as parks and children's entertainment, schools and hospital compounds, comes into force.

I'm not going to go into deep details of the new law as so much has already been written in the various forms of media as for example this from Europa Press.

Today is a great way to start the new year, and the future, for the health of the workers and customers, who don't smoke tobacco, of the bars, cafés, restaurants and other public spaces.

As a non-smoker it will be fantastic to be able to go into a premises knowing that I will not have to breath in, or leave the premises smelling of, tobacco smoke. Because of the flouting of the restrictions of the old law prior to today it has been almost impossible, without a lengthy search to find a 'smoke free' catering establishment. No more will non-smokers have to put up with the anti-social habits of smokers at a seat close by forcing other customers to endure inhaling second-hand tobacco smoke.

From today there is no excuse for owners of premises who in the past have had signs showing saying 'no fumador' who then allowed smoking to continue in the establishment so as not to upset, and lose the regular custom of smokers. If I'm in a café or restaurant, infact any public premises, and someone is smoking tobacco I will have no hesitation to remind the owner or manager responsible, about the liability under the new law.

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