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Thursday, 10 March 2011

CLR party accuses Orihuela Costa Town Hall press officer of Misuse of Public Administration and Trust

The Spokesman and Town Councillor of the Centro Liberal Renovador party, Pedro Mancebo has this week in a press release demanded an immediate halt to the work of the new press officer in the Orihuela Costa Town Hall, Louise Clarke, who was hired in January by the Mayoress Monica Lorente.

He makes the point that according to information published in the local English language newspapers in Orihuela Costa recently, the section of the British Conservative Party abroad (Conservatives Abroad) has obtained permission from its headquarters in the UK to establish a branch in Orihuela Costa. it was reported that anyone wishing to join this party or wanting to know more about this initiative should contact the new Partido Popular press officer Louise Clarke via her official town hall e-mail address. 

Pedro Mancebo  commented that the CLR find it unacceptable that a consultant who is paid by the citizens of Orihuela turns into a promoter and a channel for private political initiatives like this and converts our Town Hall into a recruitment office to affiliate potential members to any political party. At the same time using public resources for this purpose with the consent of the Mayoress, Monica Lorente, and Councillor for the coast, Jose Antonio Aniorte.

According to the CLR spokesman Pedro Mancebo in his press release;
the consultant hired in January, Louise Clarke, has gone even further, because as well as the press release sent to the media on the coast, a further invitation was announced "on behalf of the Town Hall of Orihuela" for volunteers to take part in two discussion groups in groups of ten people. The idea of these groups was for "the purpose of helping to shape the future of the coast”. The two discussion groups took place in Orihuela Costa on Wednesday March 2nd and Friday March 4th from 11:00 until 13:00. I would say that these groups were purely intended to help shape the dark future and perspectives for the PP party here in Orihuela Costa commented Pedro.

Being only two months in office, Louise Clarke, is already knowingly (or unknowingly) misusing her position. Invitations cannot be announced from the Town Hall to attend meetings and discussion groups and all the feedback and response from these meetings goes directly to the PP. This type of behaviour reminds us of the times when Spain was ruled by a dictator. Surely a person who is a British passport holder coming from a democratic country like Ms. Clarke should know better? A lot of Louise´s supporters were very shocked regarding her career move in early January and with this type of behaviour she loses the last piece of credibility she had.

The reality is that, despite having been announced as a municipal initiative of the Town Hall of Orihuela Costa, it was a biased and partisan initiative of the PP party of Miss Lorente.

In addition to trying to attract members of the public to the meetings an attempt was made to attract local businesses on the coast to these meetings under the motto "how can the local government support these businesses during the crisis".

As a business owner in Orihuela Costa, Pedro Mancebo stated that he asked to be included in the discussion groups, but was informed by Louise Clarke that he could not take part as the discussion group for businesses was full. He made the point that he believed Ms. Clarke unfortunately, contradicted herself by admitting in an e-mail that both the discussion groups would be for residents as not enough businesses had applied to attend the business discussion group. In reality, as manifested from a further email, the reason not to allow Pedro Mancebo to take part in the group was simply because from a higher authority she was told “not to allow him to attend”.

He went on to say
As we see, they proceed in their usual manner in this false democratic team, totally at odds with the transparency and truth.

Pedro Mancebo made a further observation that to add insult to injury we were able to read in the newspaper that the Councillor for the coast, Jose Antonio Aniorte, had actually taken part in the discussion group held on the Friday,whereas from actually being present himself, although he “was not allowed to attend”, Pedro Mancebo can definitely confirm that Jose Antonio Aniorte did not attend the meeting. He said that in his opinion that is because Clr. Aniorte is not interested in residents of Orihuela Costa and does not speak their language.


  1. I here that Pedro has now upset Claro as he is only trying to get their votes to try and secure a seat. So his only means of attack is to join Claro who do nothing positive but have go at everything Town Hall

  2. Thanks for your comment Graham. It is good to have a point of view from a supporter of the work of the Partido Popular, Mayor Monica Lorente and Louise Clarke.

    Whilst I could not be perceived as a fellow supporter I would agree to some extent with your view of the negativity of the CLARO voice in a lot of areas.

  3. Sarah HillMarch 20, 2011

    Just thought of something.
    "Dangerous" Dave Cameron made it very clear at the last EU elections that Conservatives were moving their support from the European Popular parties to the more right wing eurosceptic parties- particulatly the ones in Eastern Europe. The Partido Popular in Spain was and is too pro the EU. Have the PP forgotten this? Have the Conservatives in Spain ever thought about this? Just seems that the PP will use any avenue and anybody to gain support at this time when according to the Spanish Newspapers the PP is in Crisis. Hope you will blog about next week´s court appearnce of Orihuela PP councillors on charges so serious that it makes the UK MP´s expenses scandal look like the embezzlement of Boys Scouts "Bob a Job" Money. But then some people choose to ignore all that and fantasise about what Monica Lorente is wearing on a daily basis! Keep up the good work!


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