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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Louise Clarke, "Please don´t compromise your talent and your reputation".

Continuing on from my previous articles about Louise Clarke in her role as the recently appointed personal press officer for the Partido Popular Mayor of Orihuela, Monica Lorente, I was interested to read the following letter in the CoastRider newspaper this week.

To the Editor

I have been very concerned about the openly political role that Louise Clarke has been forced to take since January 2011 when she became the newly appointed Press Officer in Orihuela Costa Town Hall.

Before she took up post, the publicity she created around her appointment conveyed how pleased she was to be working for the people of Orihuela Costa in the International office in the Town Hall.

I don’t think the post has turned out to be quite what she expected!

On a fine salary paid for by tax payers money, she has been appointed, I believe, to do nothing more than promote Monica Lorente and the Partido Popular so they convince us that they have been the “best thing since sliced bread” for Orihuela Costa. Louise is clearly working very hard as we are getting more than ample exposure to MS Lorente, every week in every paper, free or otherwise. But of course it is election time in May and a lot hangs on those results!

When Louise announced she was going to work for the PP- sorry- Orihuela Costa Town Hall- all her friends in the opposition parties warned her about being used for political ends. Spain is a highly political society. Town Halls are run on party lines and party loyalties. If you have a job in the Town Hall you work for the Mayor and their political party.

As someone who has known you for a few years, my feeling is Louise, that it is going to get worse the closer we get to the elections. Just think about your reputation here. You are a good Journalist .

Please don´t compromise your talent and your reputation.

Sarah Hill
In addition to the link to my articles about Louise Clarke's appointment there is another coincidental link to the article questioning the political status of the Orihuela Costa Neighbourhood Watch.

The Editor of the CoastRider found the letter by Sarah Hill of sufficient interest and without offensive comments to publish it. This is the same Sarah Hill who was the author of a comment on the Orihuela Costa Vecinos Colaborando Facebook page that was deleted with the reason given, in the words of the Editor of that page, as "the offensive comment from someone else was immediately deleted and as a result the person who had just joined removed from the site". Could her comment have been that offensive and so different from the tone of the language in her letter above? She has responded to the statement by the OCVC with two comments posted to my article.

It seems to me there is a common theme in these articles in that they relate to the projection and protection of the image to the public of the Partido Popular in the Orihuela Town Council.

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  1. Hi, I am emailing from Sydney Australia. My partner George and I were very good friends with Sarah and Dave and colleagues in the UK for many years. We came across your blog by accident and would love to be put in contact with them again. Trish Rymer and George Davidson

  2. Trish: I have been intouch with Sarah by email, I will not give the address here for obvious security reasons as the world can read this, and she said, "Elliot this is fantastic. I have tried everywhere to find them". Next step is to get you all in contact. Keep watching this space.

  3. Sarah HillApril 17, 2011

    Hi Trish and George. You can find me on Facebook
    as Sarah Hill and also on Orihuela Costa PSOE website. Dave and I are well and very involved in things on the Costa Blanca. If this doesnt work leave a comment and I will put our email address on here.

    Lots of love Sarah and Dave xxx

  4. Trish RymerApril 19, 2011

    Hello Elliot and Sarah,
    how wonderful to be back in touch. George and I are really excited to be able to make contact again, after all this time. Elliot thank you very much for this. I will respond to your email now and provide our home email address. Trish


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