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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Moronic Mother puts swimming pool users health at risk.

I supposed it shouldn't surprise me, having been the Chairman of our Community for five years, but it still does, how stupid and inconsiderate some of the owners, and their visitors in some cases, of the properties within the community can be in relation to communal areas! In this case, and probably in the majority of cases, for the majority of Community Chairman it relates to the use of the communal swimming pool.

In order to maintain the quality of the water within the swimming pool, and therefore directly the health of users of the pool, our Community has an agreed, and issued to all households, set of rules governing the correct use of the facility. Included is the rule that; 'No child using and/or wearing nappies, or not considered as satisfactorily toilet trained, is to be allowed in the water at any time, unless wearing a specially designed, leak proof, swimming nappy'; not an unreasonable rule to try to reduce or eliminate health risks.

Recently I had to speak to an owner, of some long standing, of a property within the community who was using the swimming pool with her very young child. The lady in question brought her child into the swimming pool area, where upon she removed the nappy the child was wearing, leaving the used, soiled, nappy on the perimeter concrete edge of the pool, close to the water, and where other swimmers sit before entering the water; then took the naked child with her under the shower, as required before entering the water, making a little effort to wash herself and the baby, paying little attention to it's now nappy free bottom area; then took the child into the water without any sanitation protection, as required, on the child!

Not only did she leave a soiled nappy on the edge of the pool; she had the child in the water without protection, for other users of the pool, after her visit, from the possible urination or defecation by the very young child in the water.

In the latter case I wonder what she would have done if an incident had occurred resulting in faeces in the water? Would she have informed someone, or myself as Chairman, so remedial water treatment could have been initiated to protect other pool users, or would she have said nothing, done nothing to rectify a problem, and just left the pool area?

On observing her actions I of course immediately spoke to the lady; pointing out that they were unacceptable; that the child be removed from the water immediately; that the soiled nappy be removed from the pool edge and disposed of correctly. Taking into consideration that I am aware that she has had medical training, including rules of hygiene I assume, I was surprised, or was I, by the look she gave me of what I take to be indignation that I should say anything to her about her action! Why can't she do what she wants irrespective of the potential effect it may have on others. Who was I to reprimand her. Who was I to point out to her the unacceptability of her unhygienic actions.

Oh well; another one of those experiences of human nature that comes with the role of being Chairman of a Community.

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