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Monday, 11 July 2011

There is a dead wasp in the swimming pool; - what should I do?

I was sitting at home one  afternoon recently with some friends who had called round for a chat and a cup of tea. There was an unexpected knock on the front door. I broke off from the interesting conversation we were having to see who was at the front door in the middle of the very hot afternoon.

“There is a dead wasp in the pool” said the young lady standing on the door step in her swim suit! She was on holiday, with her equally young beau, staying with a relative who has a property in the community.

1 wasp 2007-04-25
I ought to clarify at this point that not only do I live next to the communal swimming pool but I am also the Chairman of the Community in which the pool is situated.

Her statement threw me for moment and before I could think of the appropriate response she enquired as to what she should do to remove the offending insect from the water.

Refraining from the urge to make a satirical, or verging on sarcastic, comment I suggest that perhaps the solution was to scoop the invader out of the water with the aid of a handful of water as a propellant. If that failed she might try the alternative of using her swimming goggles as a scoop. I suggested that her 'Sir Galahad', who remained in the pool, possibly as a rearguard defence and lookout, might assist her in the quest to remove the Hymenoptera.

It is good to be able to assist the youth of today with their education!

Having made my constructive suggestions, I refrained from leaving my guests and undertaking an act of chivalry by despatching the 'beastie', thereby enabling her 'Knight in Armour' to save the señorita from the Spanish invader. With what I perceived as a look of disappointment, that I was not to accompany her, she returned to the swimming pool. Whether or not she, or her 'Superman' hero, or neither of them extracted the wasp from water I'll never know, and to be honest, even though they felt it necessary to disturb my afternoon, I don't need to know.

On returning to my guests I found them chuckling amongst themselves about the episode they had just overheard. Wondering if it was real life or a trailer for a comedy sketch. I put their minds at rest.

It is another one of the joys, or is that peculiarities, of being Chairman of a Community!

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