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Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Slat in time - saves money.

On Tuesday morning when I tried to pull up one of the external window shutters in the lounge, to let in the Spanish sun, it wouldn't raise more than a few centimetres. Repeated lowering and raising of it came to the same result. It wasn't going up. Further investigation of the problem revealed a broken, split, horizontal slat was acting as a stop. A quick temporary repair was made, my trusty wire clippers to the rescue, so that we didn't have to sit in the dark.

Having not experienced a similar problem in the ten years we have lived in the property, and having no knowledge of the internal workings of the blind system, my second thought after how do I get this repaired was; I suppose this is going to cost a fortune to put right.

Although we are retired, and younger people assume we have nothing to do all day, it wasn't until Wednesday afternoon (yesterday) that we could call into our favourite local ferretería, with some trepidation, to seek a solution, either a spare part or the name of 'a man who can'! Once again the shop had the solution, a ample stock of spare slats of various types. After the little joke by the assistant warning us that we needed a large wallet; we left the Aladdin’s cave with two replacement slats, the extra one in case I made a mistake when carrying out the repair as my DIY history has shown it's better to be prepared, a cash register receipt for just €3, and a smile on my face.

This morning I successfully slatted the repair into our day. It is good to learn how to do something new each day. A good, inexpensive, job done.

I must go and check again if it still goes up and down!

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  1. I should have known that 7 years ago when we had the same problem in our son's new house...Instead of doing what you did, I just took some metal-scissors, and cut on both sides 1 cm off the allumium slats (the whole length), and thaT WORKED AS WELL, BUT YOUR SOLUTION IS DEFENITELY THE BETTER ONE!!...


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