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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

U3A Chairman says 5 days is enough time!

I attended the Annual General Meeting of the Torrevieja U3A on Monday (30th January).

The first item on the agenda was the approval of the Minutes of the 2011 AGM. As a member of the association I only received the minutes of 2011, and the accounts for 2011 also to be presented for approval at the meeting, late on Wednesday 25th January 2011, less than 5 days before the meeting. I believe that this late despatch of information from the association Chairman to the members was unsatisfactory. So I raised this matter in the meeting by way of the following questions to the Chairman.

"Given that the minutes we are being asked to approve relate to the meeting held on the 27th January 2011; why is it that members were only sent copies of the minutes, by email on the 25th January 2012, 363 days after the meeting and only 5 days before this AGM? Do you consider that this is satisfactory in giving sufficient time for members, considering that some may not access their email accounts on a daily basis, to read and confirm the accuracy of the Minutes?"

The answer from the Chairman to the two questions was “Yes”.

I wish I hadn't asked the second one as a closed question.

Since the meeting I have written to the re-elected Chairman, saying:

"I would like to suggest the following for consideration by the newly elected committee. Assuming that Minutes of the AGM are written shortly after the meeting; would it not be possible, more efficient, and of greater benefit to the members, to include the minutes, all be it in draft form, subject to approval by the members later, in one of the newsletters between the meeting and the next AGM, or send them out earlier than 5 days before the meeting at which they are to be voted on, via the cascade information system, or include them within a 'Minutes' section on the association website?”

I await with interest to hear what the committee decides.


  1. As a fellow member of this organisation, I would like to say that I think you have completely over reacted.
    As you say in your profile you are " incomplete and frustrated ".
    You must realise that the Torrevieja U3a is a very friendly organisation run by a dedicated team of volunteers who give up a lot of their time and energy at no cost to the association, without them there would be NO U3a.
    May I suggest you put yourself up for election as chairman at the next AGM as our present Chairman has already declared his intention to step down.
    I would finally like to add my utmost thanks to the current Chairman and committee for all their efforts on our behalf. Robert Delacour

  2. Thank you Robert for your interest in making a comment. First of all let me clarify that I agree with your comments about the friendliness of the Torrevieja U3A and the dedication of the volunteers, including group leaders, committee members, and other helpers. I enjoy my involvement within the U3A and the groups that interest me. However this does not preclude me from being critical of procedures within the association which I consider are failing, and making suggestions for improvements. For example the recently adopted policy of the 'Right of Reply' is as a result of a suggestion by myself. You might like to read my article entitled 'Torrevieja U3A Grants 'Right to Reply' ! ( ) on this weblog, on the 15th December 2011 which includes this comment from the Chairman: “Once again I thank you for your original request that has resulted in improving the Association’s procedures and structures. It is only with the help and support of members like yourself that we can improve for the benefit of all.” and my comment: “I compliment the members of the Torrevieja U3A Committee for their positive forward looking decision.”.
    Edited 02.02.2012 to correct error with name.


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