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Thursday, 23 February 2012

CRAPPOL party inauguration.

This morning at its first press conference the CRAPPOL party confirmed that it has been establish to make up the governing party of the Orihuela Town Council following the demise of the tripartite political group, made up of the PSOE, Los Verdes and CLR/CLARO parties, because of the withdrawal of CLARO, and the resignation of the Mayor.

Monica Lorente the Chairman of the new party, and future Alcaldesa, emphasised in great depth that CRAPPOL is a single united party, and not a bipartite group, a marriage of the PP and CLARO. She went on to introduce her Deputy Chairman, Robert Houliston, paying him the compliment of making the point that in her opinion, as seen by his recent political strategic moves, he did not believe in honour within politics and therefore was the ideal choice to support her at this time, but who knows in the future.

She said “Her party did not agree with the previous administration's belief that the finances of the Orihuela Municipality were in a desperate situation, needing a minimal spending budget but continuing with the objective of a good quality of service to the residents of the municipality”. She continued: “One of my new party's policies, as I have done in my previous Mayoral stint, is to spend recklessly for the enjoyment of myself and my fellow PP Councillors and party members. The residents have no right to expect my government to spend their taxes on basic council services and investment for the future”.

When asked about the coastal region of the borough she said: “The only value it has to my government is to bring in lots of money via taxes. My party colleagues unanimously agree with me, or they are sacked, that the extranjero residents of the area are to be considered as enemies of our regime. They should stop complaining and be grateful that we let them live in their illegal, unfinished ghettos.”

Bob Houliston, after beseeching his domineering leader's permission to speak, said he was proud that he had been instrumental in the breakup of the inferior tripartite government. He felt no remorse for misleading those who voted for the CLR/CLARO in the May 2011 elections as it helped his personal power programme. He mentioned that he was hopeful that Monica would keep her word and, as a reward for his excellent backstabbing, give him totalitarian rule over the coastal area. If so it would be renamed as Boborihuela Costa.

Without allowing any questions from the assembled press, the meeting was brought to an abrupt end with the new Mayor indicating that her entourage had to leave for an expensive menú del dia meal paid for from Council funds. As they were leaving they could be heard signing 'a cappella' – “Money, money, money we just want your money”.

Believe it or believe it not!



  2. Strange but true! My little witticism about Bob Houliston's resignation has come true. He has actually resigned today from his position as the tripartite government Councillor for the Coast .


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