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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Entre Naranjos – For Sale!

The following is an article I have posted on to the 'No to censorship on Entre Naranjos and Facebook group' facebook page. Entre Naranjos is a urbanisation (housing estate) within the Orihuela Town Council area in Costa Blanca in Spain.

Has anyone else heard the news?

I understand that the Alcalde of Orihuela is putting forward a motion at the next Pleno that in order to save costs on the municipal budget that the Entre Naranjos urbanización is not to be 'Adopted' in the future, although it has been fostered for some time. It is to be put up for sale by auction.

Apparently following investigations by a subcommittee lead by the Concejal de Hacienda and including the Concejal de Urbanismo, the Concejal de Infrastructural y Services, and the Concejal Delegado de Pedanías, the conclusion has been reached that the urbanización will never be profitable for the Council. The costs to maintain it will exceed the tax revenue from the IBI collected from the property owners. It is not worth the hassle its residents create by wanting more and more luxury services.

It's reported that following the recent petition by a few of the more militant residents of Entre Naranjos demanding a local doctor's surgery the Alcalde was heard to exclaim “¡eso es el colmo!”

It is thought that discreet approaches have been made to both the San Miguel de Salinas and Los Montesinos Town Councils to accept Entre Naranjos as a gift. Both declined without any hesitation.

My source of information within the Ayuntamiento, Sra. Esperanza Anónimo, believes that an approach is possibly going to be made to the previous quasi-mayor of the urbanización, imposed unilaterally by the past Partido Popular government on the residents. As 'that person' allegedly acts as if 'that person' still has that position, enquiries are to be made to see if 'that person' wants to, and can afford to, buy it (Entre Naranjos). A preferential discount could be available to 'that person' as well as the added incentive of the compulsory purchase of all known PSOE supporter's properties on the urbanización by the Council prior to the completion of any sale. This would be a way to censor possible trouble makers towards 'that person'.

Perhaps the current quasi-mayor of the urbanización, this time around, imposed unilaterally by the PSOE element of the tripartite government of Orihuela on the residents, ought to be considered as a future owner. This would alleviate any compulsory purchase of properties.

This could push up the final sale price of Entre Naranjos which would help the Orihuela municipal budgets.

The future could be interesting amongst the oranges when the sale goes ahead.

(To the Editor: No names have been included so as to maintain anonymity and keep this non-personal, except for my source as she won't mind. Where used the term 'that person' could relate to either gender, to avoid this news item being censored for being sexist.)

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  1. Well...if the City wants to get rid of "Entre Naranjos"....I will make the first bid Euro!!!!(afterall thats how the CamBank got sold out..right??)
    And just in case the City is going to accept my one Euro bid...(what do they stand to loose??)....I shall be appointing that 'that person' be the mayor of that urbanisation, but on just two conditions....number one....: everytime I enter that area, he will be at the entrance waiting for me, and upon my approach he then will kneel down and kiss my shoes!!!!...Number two...:that 'that person' , shall pay me a monthly salary of euro 5000.- (for just wanting to be the mayor), and that money will go into the kitty to maintain the upkeep of that urbanisation!!!


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