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Monday, 19 March 2012

I could be investigated by the RSPCA e-div.

Whilst the power and extent of the world wide web normally does not surprise me this is not the case this week.

Following my recent article on this weblog entitled Vacuum cleaner euthanasia or not? I am amazed to learn that I am possibly to be investigated by the electrical division of the Retailers Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Appliances. As far as I can understand, at this early stage, that having somehow become aware of my article, there is a suggestion by society members that I may be being cruel by overworking my appliance when it is in a poor state of health.

Should the RSPCA consider there is a case to answer and the matter be taken to a trial, and if found guilty, I will only be allowed to use my friend for a maximum duration of one hour thirty minutes per day and must allow a full forty eight hours rest between work periods, until satisfactory repairs are carried out . In addition I could be placed on an electrical retailers blacklist and barred from purchasing an additional vacuum cleaner for six months. This seems strange, but the law is not always logical, as a new workmate would mean less work for my older cleaner to do.

Euthanasia or redundancy are not permitted options, to solve the problem, as my vacuum is entitled to the job for the duration of its natural life.

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