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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Vacuum cleaner euthanasia or not?

Can't show cable as the retraction mechanism says no!

My vacuum cleaner friend has survived another day's work!

The right rear wheel fell off 5 times but the left one only came off 3 times. The cable rewind mechanism constantly grabs the cable back trying to restrict my roaming area or pull the plug from the wall. To turn it on or off means plugging it in or unplugging it from the power socket in the wall as the plastic on/off switch doesn't work. The HEPA filter is randomly ejected from the rear of the cleaner, depositing its collected dust on the cleaned floor, depending on the strength of the air flow and the heat of the plastic moulding surrounding it.

I am wondering if it is time for retirement, or even euthanasia, of my little friend. Is it cruel to make it continue to struggle, to work on, when the prognosis can only be for worse to come.

What makes my decision more difficult is that it was only brought into our family on 28th January 2010 when we adopted it from the Carrefour Home brand stable at a special offer price of £51.78 (€60.00 in pretend money). I like to push the boat out occasionally!

I have to consider my little friend's pride, will it feel it has given us value for money? Will it consider that we have understood its little foibles as mitigation towards its survival?

I think I'll have to think about it a little longer. Perhaps modern science will come up with a solution for extending useful life. If all else fails I could use some sticky back plastic (no trade name advertising on my weblog) as a temporary life support. My vacuum cleaner friend survives for another day's work.

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