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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Home from Hospital.

GOOD NEWS! Natalie has come home from hospital today.

She's passed the point of needing direct medical nursing care.

What's needed now is the recovery period of improving mobility, reduction of discomfort, and rebuilding her strength. This is best done at home in our own surroundings, at our pace, and tailored to her needs. We are looking at an initial period of probably six to eight weeks. There will be regular appointments with the 'Anticoagulant Clinic' (to monitor her blood-clotting reading and determine the daily dosage of Warfarin needed, as she had a mechanical prosthesis fitted this time), and her GP Doctor for general improvement of health.

In six weeks time she has to have a review appointment with the Cardiac Surgeon.

Today has been a very tiring day for her because of the checking-out and long journey home from the Trent Cardiac Centre. As I write, she's tucked-up in our bed, under our duvet, with her head on her own pillow.

That's the combination she's been longing for since the 14th March. when she was admitted to hospital.

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  1. Good news indeed, Elliot. There's no place like home and the comforts it offers. Hope all continues to go well.


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