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Friday, 18 April 2014

Betterware catalogue junk-mail system offends me.

A few days ago an unsolicited, unwanted copy of the Betterware Catalogue – 'Junk Mail' by any other name – was posted through my letterbox.

Today I found the following note had been dropped onto my doormat – despite the fact it was obvious I was present in the house – by the local Betterware representative.

“Sorry I missed you today when I called to collect the catalogue that unfortunately was not left outside. I very much regret that due to time constraints it is not possible for me to call back to collect the catalogue, but should you wish to place an order, please call me on: xxxxx-xxxxxx” (I've omitted the telephone number as I not offering free advertising for the local representative.)

The wording of this note offends me in two ways.

Assumed commitment.

Firstly it implied I had failed to honour a commitment – one which I hadn't made – by not placing the catalogue outside of my home. I didn't ask for it and I didn't agree to be part of an agreement to store, act as custodian of, act as a poste restante, and then return the unsolicited publication on a predetermined, but not discussed or confirmed as acceptable, day.

Time management

Secondly it implied that the time management of the Betterware representative is more important than my own personal time scheduling. I'm not interested in how busy the representative may be on the day that he (I know the gender from the name on the note) unilaterally decided that I should waste my time putting the mailshot he had put through my letter box outside my front door for him to collect.

Like all unsolicited junk mail, the Betterware catalogue went into the recycling bin on the day it was delivered. As will all future correspondence from the company. I don’t wish to, and I won't, get involved in its catalogue marketing strategy.

©Elliot Sampford 2014.

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  1. I have a notice on my door indicating that we don't want leaflets, brochures, religious or sales people. I also added that brochures would immediately be thrown away. It worked, except for the odd leaflet left by people who can't read!


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