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Monday, 3 November 2014

Abandoned Apartments Mountain - Sierra Apartamentos Abandonados - Photograph Gallery.

I thought I would try something different with my daily photographs: rather than have various subjects each day I will have a theme for this week.

Granada has its Sierra Nevada, Orihuela has its Sierra de Escalona whilst Orihuela Costa has its Sierra Apartamentos Abandonados.

The skeletons of the abandoned constructions are not included in the Tourist Information packages. I thought I might do my bit to show different aspects of them that might not be normally seen.

An extra photograph on Monday to set the scene, for a couple to come later.

Both the crane and the apartment block left unwanted.

Third floor vacant apartment available – needs modernisation – with excellent see-through view.
(Tercer piso apartamento vacante disponible; necesidades de modernización, con excelente vista ver a través.)

The start of a long climb to dizzy heights.

I'm sure I saw a notice on the ground floor 'Please use the stairs as the lifts are temporarily out of order'.

There can be some degree of 'Basic Beauty'.

This is the final photograph of my 'Sierra Apartamentos Abandonados' week. As you can see nature is battling to reclaim the natural environment – but greedy humans will win the war to destroy what's left of it!

Click on any of the photographs to enlarge them.

© Elliot Sampford.

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