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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Photograph Gallery for two week period ending 30 November 2014

As the title states this entry covers a two week period rather than the usual single week. I was away from my home base for four days during the first week and did not have access to a secure Wifi network so I didn't have a daily photograph post on social media for that time.

Here are the ten photographs that I did manage to upload in chronological order.

Our resident Robin resting.

Abandoned construction takes on its own beauty at sunset.

I'm sure Woodie isn't singing this as an act of religious hatred

What a desolate, depressing sight: Folkestone Leas Promenade bandstand on a cold, cloudy and damp November morning. Even the clock has stopped: I took the photograph at 10:07 am.

An example of 'Au Naturel' fitness.

Autumnal berries - a valuable food source for wildlife.

I wonder if it liked standing there so it could look as its own reflection and admire itself.

I thought I would title this 'Do Not Disturb' – but it had to be on Saturday by cars bringing children to football practice on the village playing field.

Do Not Disturb

Wouldn't it have been easier to eat the fat ball at the top? I hope it can get its food to go up!

Don't forget you can click on any photograph to see an enlargement.

© Elliot Sampford

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