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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Photograph Gallery for the week ending 7 December 2014

Here are the daily photographs that I have published on Twitter and Facebook for this week. they are in day order. I hope you enjoy this varied selection of subjects.

The golden sun helped produce these leaves in the spring and summer. The autumn changes them from green to the many hues of of yellow showing the beauty of nature – even in death.

This is a pony I unexpectedly met during my walk. An equine is a new type of model for me to photograph. I shall have to go and say hello again.

After many dull and cloudy mornings it was pleasant to see this Woodpidgeon basking in the dawn light; waiting for us to put out its breakfast toast.

Having posted a picture showing the effect of dawn light: this is the sunset at the end of the same day.

Do you think Mr. Blackbird likes to perch in the crab-apple tree so as to co-ordinate the colour of the fruit with his eyes and beak?

I tried an experiment with the macro lens facility on my camera. The aim was to give an image of intimate detail of moss and lichen not normally seen as you walk pass. I think it worked.

I have shown you the pony I met during one of my walks. I went back a couple of days later to say hello again. It wanted to give me a welcoming kiss – I declined.

If you want to have a closer look at any of the photographs just click on the image.

© Elliot Sampford

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