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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

CLARO vs. the Opposition saga Episode 3

The 'CLARO versus the Opposition' saga continues with the publishing of the following letter in the CoastRider 10th March edition. I think David James has links to the PSOE party.

I wonder if Bob Houliston, President of CLARO, is having second thoughts about the contents of his letter published on 27th January in the CoastRider?

"Dear Sir,
All who wish to see the PP ousted from power in Orihuela must be disconcerted by the policy of Claro the expat led party (which claims to represent Orihuela Costa) of attacking the opposition parties. Questions have been posed and points raised many of which I identify with. For example J Longland wonders why Claro does not work with the opposition parties who are attacking the PP.
Claro described Orihuela’s 2009 budget as an “insult” and “disgrace” yet submitted no proposals to the Council in the preparation of the estimates. So who is to blame? The PP enjoy an overall majority of three seats and Claro bears the responsibility The President of Claro, always ready to blow his trumpet has nothing to say. Instead speaking on behalf of Claro one Jimmy Badal claims that his party won 40% of votes cast in Orihuela Costa at the last municipal election. When I wonder are they going to realise that votes are counted and not worked out in percentages. In fact 900 were cast in favour of Claro and the party failed to win a seat. In spite of flawed voter registration the Socialists gained 4 extra seats and would have benefited from those wasted votes.
In his correspondence Desmond Baxter describes Claro as subservient to the PP and he is probably right. Both parties share ideological similarities. Claro’s former Vice President defected to the PP months before the last local elections in exchange for a job with a handsome salary. Claro’s president appears happy to collaborate with the PP by attacking the opposition parties and making no budget proposals. The “insult” and “disgrace” is intended for the gallery. Claro would probably be pleased to keep the PP in office in Orihuela in exchange for a share of power and some money for the Costa.
David James"

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