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Sunday, 29 March 2009

“Orihuela Costa remains unrepresented in the new Town Hall”

I've noticed that the following article has been posted by James Longman onto the Chat forums on the and and it was also published in the letters page of the Costa Blanca News .

I don't need to add any comment about the article other than that it speaks for itself and needed to be said.

“Orihuela Costa remains unrepresented in the new Town Hall” is a statement that the CLARO party has made in at least its last three newsletters, and seems to repeat it in press releases where possible!

This statement is factually incorrect!

CLARO once more take the opportunity to mislead the electorate in Orihuela Costa.

In its February 2009 newsletter the party states “With some 30% of the registered population, Orihuela Costa still has not a single councillor elected to the Town Hall.”

In a recent letter by Mr Jimmy Badal (a member of the Executive Committee of CLARO) published in the CoastRider on the 24th February, he wrote, reiterating the same theme, “voters in Orihuela Costa, with 30% of the registered population of the municipality, were unable to elect a single representative to the Council”.

Both these statements are factually incorrect!

The correct fact is that the Orihuela Town Council has 25 elected Councillors and is currently made up of four political parties, the PP with 14 Councillors, the PSOE with 7, Los Verdes with 3, and CLR with 1.

In the three polling sites in Orihuela Costa, which CLARO choose to base their claims on, a total of 1024 votes (out of a total of 2113), being 48.46% of those cast, were for one of either of the four elected parties (these figures are currently available for verification on CLARO's own website). This is a higher percentage of votes than CLARO received.

Therefore, contrary to the misinformation that CLARO keeps peddling, those 1024 voters (more than voted for CLARO) who reside in Orihuela Costa were able to, and did, elect members of their chosen party to the Council. Their views as residents of Orihuela Costa are represented in the new Town Hall.

When will CLARO stop misrepresenting the truth and misleading the public?


Update 31st March 2009: The CoastRider has published the letter today .

I hope people take note of the point of the letter.

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