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Monday, 29 June 2009

Los Verdes Continue to Mislead

Los Verdes de Orihuela issued the following press release, dated the 24th June 2009, following my resignation statement.

"The Los Verdes (The Green Party) of Orihuela and Orihuela Costa are very surprised by the recent resignation of Elliot Sampford as English spokesperson of Los Verdes and as a member of the Los Verdes of Orihuela Costa. We regret his decision but we respect it as a democratic decision freely taken on his behalf. We are very grateful for the time he dedicated to the Party.

As most people living in Orihuela Costa realise, there are many issues and problems that require solutions. Most, if not all, of these will not be solved overnight and Los Verdes will continue to press both the ruling party and other interested organisations to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Los Verdes will continue fighting and proposing those improvements that the citizens transmit to us, in order that Orihuela Costa gets the services and quality of life that it, and they, deserve. In this sense, one of our present concerns is the negotiations taking place regarding the proposed recycling depot adjacent to the Entre Golf urbanization, since no decision has been taken by the Ayuntamiento until now. We are involved in an ongoing discussion process with the neighbours/owners and the authorities about this issue, in order to advance and emphasize the Los Verdes environmental principles.

In addition, we would like to highlight that at the European Parliament, the Group European Greens advanced from 43 MEPs in 2004 to 47 MEPs in 2009; this is also as a direct result of our commitment at local level according to our policy " think globally, act locally ". We commit to monitor the work at the European level of our Spanish (based in Valencia) MEP Pura Peris during the legislative period 2009 - 2014.

Los Verdes are presently the third political force in the Ayuntamiento of Orihuela, and we will continue to serve those who live in the district; this is our main goal. Our 3 Councillors and the Orihuela Costa Working Group are at your disposal for any requirement.”

There are three main points in the document that need clarification.

"are very surprised by the recent resignation of Elliot Sampford”

If they were surprised they obviously didn't read the emails I sent them properly and in addition chose to ignore the views I expressed to the other members of the Orihuela Costa Working Group and Councillor Monserrate Guillén (in relation to the recycling collection depot).

On the 3rd June I sent them the following letter in relation to the European elections and the meaning of the penultimate paragraph is quite clear.

"In answer to the email from Valencia about the article on the blog. At least it shows they read it.

I wrote and posted, as the editor, the article onto the Los Verdes in Orihuela Costa blog.

Nowhere in the article do I suggest people vote for another party. The 'Europa de los Pueblos - Verdes' is an electoral coalition list of candidates, from different parties, who want to become MEPs, it is not a single party list. It is not a Los Verdes list. I am not suggesting people vote against the Green Party in Spain or the European Green Party. I am pointing out that if people want to vote for a list of only Green Party members then 'Europa de los Pueblos - Verdes' is not the answer.

What is Valencia afraid of, if they are right.

At the request of Ulla y Gérard I have removed it. I do not want them to suffer any consequences as a result of my action in expressing my views, as a member of Los Verdes, on the Los Verdes in Orihuela Costa blog. There is no other reason.

The article will continue to appear on my personal blog as my right of free speech in a democracy.

On a personal basis I will not be supporting or recommending the coalition of Europa de los Pueblos-Verdes in the European elections for the reason stated in my article. I am not aware that I stated any facts that were untrue.

It is all very well Valencia being absolutely outraged, but so am I. As a member of Los Verdes my opinion was not sort by any representatives of the party either locally or regionally in the making of the decision to form this coalition.

I note that you say that Los Verdes de Orihuela is not campaigning for 'Europa de los Pueblos - Verdes'. Why not?

It is not logical to maintain a prudent silence. If you believe in the coalition then you should be speaking out to promote and support the coalition list, as I understand Torrevieja is..

I do not believe in the coalition and have said so, and will continue to say so if asked. I support the European Green Party principles and policies. I do not and will not support policies of the other parties in the coalition list. I will not ask voters to cast their votes to help to elect members of the other parties as MEPs.

I have been asked personally and by email several times how Orihuela Costa voters can vote to get Los Verdes (The Green Party) candidates elected as MEPs. In my opinion I have answered them truly. I will not mislead them into thinking they are voting purely for the Green Party if they vote 'Europa de los Pueblos – Verdes'.

I believe in the Green Party policies and principles, I believe in telling supporters of Los Verdes the truth, I do not believe in misleading them by omission of facts. I will not compromise my principles to support the aims of the coalition.

I will be reviewing any future involvement and membership I may have with Los Verdes de Pais Valencia. This may naturally have an effect upon my future work with Los Verdes de Orihuela here in Orihuela Costa. Before the suggestion is made that there is any "chantaje" intended on my part, there is not, it is fact.

I trust you will pass on my comments, including your statement that "Una cosa es que no hagamos campaña a favor de "Europa de los Pueblos-Los Verdes", to Valencia”

In a further email on the 5th June I wrote:

"We are not in agreement on this matter. If Los Verdes Orihuela are not in agreement with the coalition then we should make this known to the public of Orihuela municipality and not just keep quiet. We should not let them think our silence is a sign of approval.

I believe the best action is to close this debate and move on to whatever the future holds, I hope you agree.”

"proposed recycling depot adjacent to the Entre Golf urbanization",

At least Los Verdes now state that "no decision has been taken by the Ayuntamiento until now” whereas during the meeting with residents of Entre Golf R6B on the 4th May 2009 they stated through Gérard Perret that "The proposal to exchange the two areas of land has been put to the PP party and it has now been accepted,” which misled the neighbours/owners.

Los Verdes state that We are involved in an ongoing discussion process with the neighbours/owners”. This is not true. I have spoken to Mr Wally Stewartson, Chairman of the Community of Owners R6B, today (29th June 2009) and he confirmed that there has not been any communication from Los Verdes since the meeting on the 4th May 2009.

How is this an ongoing discussion?

Los Verdes have not bothered to communicate with the residents even just to say 'we are sorry to tell you that the information we gave you during our one and only meeting with you was unconfirmed and almost certainly wrong'

"our Spanish (based in Valencia) MEP Pura Peris during the legislative period 2009 – 2014."

Los Verdes de Orihuela is a member of the Los Verdes de Pais Valencia region which in turn is a member of the Confederation of Los Verdes in Spain. In the European elections campaign the Confederation joined the Europa de Pueblos – Verdes coalition.

The following shows the first ten names of the 50 prospective candidates of the EdP-V coalition election list.


1. Don Oriol Junqueras Vies (ERC).
2. Doña Ana Miranda Paz (BNG).
3. Don Inaki Irazabalbeitia Fernández (ARALAR).
4. Doña Pura Peris García (LOS VERDES).
5. Don Sabin Intxaurraga Mendibil (EA).
6. Don Miguel Martínez Tomey (CHA).
7. Don Ramon Àngel Quetgles Ramis (ENTESA PER MALLORCA).
8. Doña Marta Rovira Vergés (ERC).
9. Don Alberte Souto Souto (BNG).
10. Doña Leticia Crespo Mir (CHA).

The coalition received sufficient votes on the 7th June 2009 to elect ONE and only one MEP and that automatically in a “closed list” is the first candidate Sr. Oriol Junqueras. He is the MEP not Pura Peris as stated by Los Verdes. A point to note is that the candidates in position 2 & 3 would be elected before Sra. Peris.

These three examples clearly show that Los Verdes have a tendancy to be economical with the truth when it serves their purpose; thereby misleading the public. They are very quick to criticise other political parties for doing the same.

Edit update 3rd July 2009: As at 13.30hrs 3rd July 2009 Mr Wally Stewartson, Chairman of the Community of Owners R6B, confirmed that he still has not received any communication from Los Verdes about the recycling collection depot since the meeting on the 4th May 2009.

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