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Monday, 1 June 2009

How to Vote for 'Los Verdes' on the 7th June

I have been asked by many people over the last few days how they can vote for Los Verdes (Green Party) in the European elections here in Spain as the two main parties the PP and the PSOE have been sending out voting lists and they are concerned that nothing has been received from Los Verdes.

As you may be aware in Spain each party puts forward a 'Closed Party List', for the whole of the country, of candidates for the election, made up of candidates selected from different areas of the country. The PP & the PSOE being the two biggest and riches parties in the country have the funds to spend an enormous amount of money on campaign literature. This includes sending out copies of the party lists.

The LOS VERDES - GRUPO VERDE EUROPEO campaign unfortunately does not have the same level of funds.

On the 7th June, when you vote, in the polling stations there will be election lists for every one of the parties throughout Spain that are included in the election. When you vote you select the party list of your chose, put it in a voting envelope, and this is then put in the ballot box. It is the same procedure as the local elections. (Remember to take your passport as identification with you)

If you wish to vote to elect true Los Verdes (Green Party) MEPs then select the 'LOS VERDES - GRUPO VERDE EUROPEO' list. The first name on it will be Kristien Lesage, followed by Esteban Cabal Riera and then Josep Lluís Freijo Lizan. You can see the full list at the bottom of this webpage.

Unfortunately in this election there are coalition party lists that may purport to be Los Verdes (Green Party) but are not pure green. They are nothing but a coalition between what some may consider as leftist, separatist, or nationalist parties plus some regional Los Verdes parties who have come together to try to get elected using the green banner.

One such coalition under the name of 'Europa de los Pueblos-Verdes' (Castellano) or 'Europa dels pobles - Verds (Valenciano), comprises of the parties, ERC, BNG, Aralar, Los Verdes (some of the regional groups), Eusko Alkartasuna, Chunta Aragonesista and Entesa per Mallorca.

Do not be fooled this is not a pure Los Verdes (Green Party) list. There are some Los Verdes candidates on the list, from different parts of the country, but only 6 out of a total of 50 are Los Verdes. The first Los Verdes member, Pura Peris, is only in the 4th position of candidates, after the candidates for the ERC, BNG, and Aralar parties. The remaining 5 are allocated much lower in the list.

Under the propotional representation voting system, if this coalition list was to receive sufficient votes to be included in the Spanish national allocation of MEPs, which is very doubtful, in my opinion, then the other party's candidates in positions 1 to 3, with leftist, seperatist or nationlist ambitions would be elected before Sra. Pura Peris.

Don't be fooled by their use of the word 'Verdes' or 'Verds'. They may also use the sunflower logo to tempt you.

In my opinion if you want to vote for the European Green Party policies, and you want your vote to count, and not be wasted, then choose the pure Los Verdes (Green Party) list headed 'LOS VERDES - GRUPO VERDE EUROPEO'. on the 7th June 2009.

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