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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Resignation from Los Verdes de Pais Valencia

Yesterday was important in my life in Orihuela Costa. I have worked on a voluntary basis for the Los Verdes de Orihuela (local Green Party) since early 2007 and a member of the party, and for approximately the last year and a half I have acted as the English contact and spokesman for the Orihuela Costa Working Group of the party. I now find that I am unable to continue to offer my time and work for the party because of recent policy decisions made by the local and regional executive management committees. I have therefore resigned as a member of the Los Verdes party.

The following is the wording of my resignation email.

Further to my recent correspondence in relation to the appalling actions of the Executive Committee of Los Verdes de Pais Valencia, and the ineffective campaigning decision of the Executive Committee of Los Verdes de Orihuela, in respect of the European elections, I have had to re-appraise my future involvement with Los Verdes.

In the light of the recent policy decision of the Orihuela Executive concerning the proposed location by the Ayuntamiento of a recycling collection depot within the plot of land registered as I-EQ-1 within the PAU-26 Sector 2 of Orihuela Costa, and the continued functioning of the illegal rubbish transfer point within PAU 26, I have had to re-appraise my future involvement with Los Verdes.

I find it extremely difficult to be a member of a regional Los Verdes party whose Executive Committee was prepared to damage the Green Party policies, principles and name throughout Valencia and Spain for I believe various dubious, unsustainable reasons by joining the Europa de los Pueblos – Verdes, (leftist, separatist and nationalist) election coalition. If they wanted to promote the Green Party as a credible political united force in Spain then they should have been part of the Los Verdes – Grupo Verde Europeo campaign. A truly Green Party movement campaign.

I find it extremely difficult to be a member of a local Los Verdes party whose Executive Committee whilst not being in agreement with the Edp-V coalition, was not prepared to speak out to the electorate, but was prepared to make a decision to sit on the fence, do nothing and say nothing, so as not to upset the regional leaders. The policy of 'prudente silencio' was unacceptable. It was a non-policy. Los Verdes de Orihuela failed, through fear of contradicting the Mesa de Valencia, to promote the European Green Party policies during the election campaign. It was the action of an ineffective Executive Committee.

I do not agree with the alternative location proposal for the recycling depot put forward to the Ayuntamiento by Los Verdes, without I would point out any prior consultation with the residents that will be directly affected, for the recycling depot. The proposal fails to protect either the quality of life of the residents or the environment of the area. It is an unacceptable compromise of principles. During a later meeting with some of the concerned residents, unconfirmed assurances were given by LV that the Ayuntamiento had accepted the suggestion. This lead the residents to believe that the sighting of the recycling collection depot would not have the high level of detrimental effect on their lives they feared and that the illegal rubbish transfer point within PAU 26 was to cease. This I believe gave them a false sense of hope. Time has now indicated that the Ayuntamiento has not accepted the LV proposal. I believe, as I stated at the time of learning of the proposal to fellow members of the Orihuela Costa Working Group and to Monserrate Guillén, that Los Verdes should have rejected outright the placing of the recycling depot within a residential area, and should be insisting that the rubbish transfer point is closed and the environment restored to its natural state, in accordance with the letter received in September 2007 from the Ayuntamiento.

I believe that the work I have carried out with Los Verdes of Orihuela since early 2007 in Orihuela Costa has in the first instant, which was the main objective, improved the quality of life for the residents and in the second, as a consequence, built a reputation in Orihuela Costa of Los Verdes as a party whose work and word can be respected. I believe all the policy decisions mentioned above contradict this view of the party.

I have come to the conclusion therefore that as I am in strong disagreement with the decisions of the current Executive committees at both the regional and municipal levels in recent times there is no alternative but to inform you of my decision to terminate my membership of Los Verdes de Pais Valencia and therefore Los Verdes de Orihuela. I am no longer prepared to offer my time and voluntary work to the current Los Verdes party.

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