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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Iberdrola Chairman says Comsumers should "Pay more and consum less"

Ignacio Sanchez Galan, Chairman of the electricity production and distribution company Iberdrola when speaking to the Fiancial Times at the Climate Change conference in Copenhagan said that consumers should "pay more and consume less"

The bills that consumers pay will have to increase in order to generate the funds necessary for companies to invest into the technology that politicians want to reduce CO2 emmisions he said.

In respect of costs for consumers in Spain and the UK he said ""We are now in discussion in Spain about the prices for next year, and we are talking about one euro per month per family. What is that?" For the UK he said "In the UK it is the same thing as well: what is an increase of 3 per cent? It is a pound per month per family!"

It is his opinion that energy costs are still a small proportion of household budgets.

I wonder if the householders would agree.

More information:

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